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Use Yahoo email with Outlook Express (free)?

Infopackets Reader Janice C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I use Outlook Express as my primary email program. I also use Yahoo email via my web browser for a secondary email account (mostly to subscribe to free online draws, lotto's, etc). If possible, I'd ... like to hook up my Yahoo email address into Outlook Express. I've tried to add my yahoo email address into Outlook Express, but it doesn't work. Can you please tell me how to this? " My response: I've answered this question before (but it's worth going over once more). In a nutshell, Outlook Express only supports POP3 and IMAP mail ... (view more)

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System Crash, Part 2

It looks like I spoke too soon, shortly after announcing that my hardware nightmare was over. After racking my brains all last week, I have finally reached a conclusion. It appears that my computer's power supply was generating incorrect voltages, ... causing the system to hiccup and crash spontaneously. Unfortunately, my $400 video card was also devastated due to wavering surges and also needed to be replaced. Hopefully this will be the end of my hardware troubles, as the system appears to be working 100%. On to other news of importance. RE: Hotmail and Yahoo mail users A few weeks back, I ... (view more)

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