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Saturday, October 1, 1955
Southeastern Pennsylvania
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Been programming since 1974 in APL, LISP 1.4, DEC-10 assembler, FORTRAN IV and successors, IBM 370 assembler, skipping 25 years, Perl, MySQL, PHP, FORTH, blah blah.

PhD in human genetics. Former professor at University of Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas A&M genomics institute. Co-taught the Summer Workshop in Molecular Evolution for 11 years. "Virtual TA" for Computational Biology course at Stanford University for 7 years.

Built personal computers since 1976 (8008 IMSAI clone) and many PCs. Board-level repairs to Amiga, Atari and Apple II through today's PCs. Wrote far, far, far too many drivers for MicroVax, Sun 3, DEC LSI 11, and IBM's tiny mainframe series.

My postdocs, students, and techs wrote software for and early step in genome assembly. Oddly, it's still used today.

Disabled in 2004.

Lastly, but not leastly, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, LOTR/Hobbit fan. To put it mildly.
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