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Sunday, December 29, 1974
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I am a girl in the world trying to figure out how the heck people can be so cruel to one another.
But first I want to be me! No matter who likes it, or not.
I am searching for my true purpose, my higher power & enlightenment. I am waking up to see the world for what it truly is. I want to help and love myself finally because I deserve love & unlimited joy and comfort.
I haven’t always put myself first, and I constantly try to do what I can to help others. Never were they ever like minded. That being, like minded in knowing how to appreciate the truth and the difference betweem right and wrong.
I believe in being kind but I am delicate still. I have suffered a lot. So I have no apologies and I am learning to exercise boundaries .
I fight the good fight and I will remain soulo...until I finally just might get to understand this complexity, vulnerability and unbelievably beautiful universe I am blessed to be a part of!
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