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Sunday, November 1, 1953
Depoe Bay, OR
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I used to be computer literate thru Vista, never updated to a newer version till a year ago, Windows 8. Hated it so much, went back to an old desktop that still ran Vista till it decided not to work any more. A computer friend upgraded the W8 laptop to Windows 10 when Microsoft offered free upgrades.

Hate all of it, why couldn't they have just kept improving the versions PRE-XP making them better instead of trying to imitate Apple?

Now I can't even write a letter or use excel without having to google what I want to do. Unhappy user, going to switch to Apple as soon as my final turbo tax is done.

Your site is fantastic. I have been googling for a year to find my minimize/maximize icon, and make it work again.

Thank you!
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