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Sunday, August 26, 1945
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11.5 years US NAVY, 10 years US ARMY, retired and recalled 6.5 years US NAVY attached to the Pentagon Inspector General. 10 years local police force here in Florida.

While in the ARMY this happened to me: 8 knee operations; both arms broken: [wrist, elbow, shoulder]; broken back C1 to L4 bulge outwards [no surgery on that unless I want to be a Quad or Dead]. spider web brake of left hip socket [aged 7]; 1 eye surgery between time from NAVY to ARMY covered by the VA.

Now because of those knee operations and the side effects of those meds that I was prescribed I'm forming stones in all of my glands. Lost the Gall bladder, form stones in the sweat glands ... they cut the skin as they come out also from the eye sockets and salvary glands five of which are gone and I'm not getting good sinus relief so I sound like I have a head cold all of the time.

Eight years ago the VA tried to get my disability changed, but they blew it when they stretched my back and the spinal came back blood red, and that took me to the 100% disability level from 90%. I took the statement from the VA to the Tax Collectors Office and then to the Property Appraisers Office, as a result I do not have to pay any property taxes.
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