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Windows Live messenger, the instant messaging service which was earlier known as MSN Messenger was discontinued by Microsoft and after than it was revamped by the Tech giant Microsoft from Windows Live messenger to Skype which is currently one of the most popular instant messaging platforms for non stop chatting with friends, colleagues and relatives across the globe. With their MSN accounts, users can not only chat but can also do video calling anywhere in the world for a more personalized experience.It has definitely made the world look too small with its elegant features. Users just need to sign up with their Microsoft accounts, and they are ready to go.

If you do not have a Microsoft account, create one first by signing up for a new Microsoft account. You can perform this action by visiting the Microsoft sign in page and clicking on create one. Fill all the mandatory details in the form and click on create account.

2. Now sign up for a Windows Live ID to use MSN Messenger. You will be sent an email at your email account from MSN. It will help you to activate your ID.

3. Download MSN Messenger.

4. Launch MSN Messenger.

5. From the contacts tab, start adding contacts by clicking on add a contact. You are ready to use MSN.

If you are finding problems in activating your MSN account, take full advantage of MSN customer service for overall support on MSN. It will be made sure that you get 100% satisfaction from the customer support technicians and all your queries will be resolved in a effective manner. They can also provide better assistance by remotely accessing your device.
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