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At&t monopoly refuse to issue a new ip address despite the innumerable calls I've had to make to their office due to problems with the inability to make secure connection, problems with sites refusing me access due to "suspicious activity" being issued from my ip address, my ssl certificates fail, every site I go to says this is not a secure connection (even when entering the dashboard from within the att modems) and more (such as hijack redirect and hurls EVEN WHEN THE UMBILICAL CONNECTION IS DISCONNECTED FROM THE MODEM and the modem is restored back to factory condition, even when I boot from a virtual operating system that is read-only...still hijack, redirect, hurls issue like crazy in the modem's logs). Now, here it is with the THIRD modem from the att monopoly and I cannot wing this 99.91.xx.xx ip address. I've left it off for days at a time and despite the fact that I'm dhcp the ip address is maintained (despite different modems). There's much more to this but I'm trying to keep it succinct. I started posting the issues on youtube (simply search for "ATT hijack redirect hurl") and other video sites. The ip provider tells me they CANNOT issue me another ip address but why not? I've been battling the problems with the same ip address for three different modems now? Sites give me elaborate captchas and the logs show someone enters in as root and then do something that looks like iptables and then reboot the modem. (which is when I go in to see what happened)

So I decided to get the other monopoly provider and keep both of them here (the other one is the one that has changed their name 4 times, this year they are called spectrum). That monopoly gave me their modem no charge but when my certificates failed to pass due to insecure connection I found that my ip address was on three blacklists, day ONE. I called them on day ONE or Two and stated I'd prefer to use my own modem. I'm on youtube and dailymotion with a video as I luckily recorded all three agents stating they took the liberty to flash the features to restore my own modem out of it. When I complained stating they had no right to enter my home's electronics they bricked the modem! So now I haven't had more than 12 hours of internet with that monopoly despite having their "service" for over a month now. The modem no longer connects and I can't enter it anymore using

Is our nation becoming surreal or is it just me?

p.s. I think we're being decommissioned. So after reading a paragraph out of revelations (LOL) I applied for a passport, DENIED! What is terrorism?

So, longwinded as it may seem, HERE COMES MY QUESTION: DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW I CAN WING A BAD IP ADDRESS? I work in the computer industry (for the past decade or more) and have never had this problem ever. Leaving the modem off for overnight should issue a new ip usually, or changing a modem almost definitely. What else can we do if our IP providers are part of a more nefarious racket?
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