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Saturday, December 2, 1967
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Im an enthusiastic photographer from bonnie scotland,i am currently married to my wonderfull wife who i love with all my heart. Id like to get into visiting art/and photography galleries more frequently as ive only recently started doing so. Id love to be able to paint some of my own photographs that ive taken, but unsure of where to start, but have some art materials in storage more so for the winter months I like to be creative where and when i can, but im limited in what i can manage to do. I do drive and walk without aids but have some problems like others do in life. I only recently visited this website due to having problems removing Mcafee from my computer, and other Asus programmes.. Highly infected im sure. And i managed to clear Mcafee from my computer within 10 minutes. So ive been inspired with this website so far, fingers crossed. Only joking Im sure i will be here for a rather long time, (meaning) how will i have time for art lol. Im sure there will be others who will help me out. Im a very honest truthfull, and trustworthy person, and many would vouch for that.
But being here on the internet we do have to be rather carefull in that respect, and i respect others views as much as i expect others to respect my views. Im not in the least racist towards others, i will shake the hand of anyone and would not discriminate based on race colour or creed. I am a law abiding citizen and helpfull towards others, Thats why me and my wonderfull wife where made for one another, we each live by those virtues. (Welcome to my world folks)
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