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Windows Vista: Growing Concerns Over Consumer Choice

Representatives from Google Inc. were unable to comment on the measures Microsoft Corporation has taken to ensure that its customers will have easy accessibility to an array of Internet search engines when the Vista operating system launches in the ... coming months. (Source: ) In a recent media interview, David Drummond, Google's senior vice president of corporate development continually stressed the importance of consumer choice of search and other applications when using the Vista system. (Source: ) Vista is Microsoft's first major update in nearly six years and the ... (view more)

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Stats Canada: Online Shopping Not Preferred Amongst Most Canadians

Statistics Canada announced that Canadians only purchased $7.9 billion worth of goods and services over the Internet in 2005. This figure is rather low, considering that $762 billion was spent on online goods and services worldwide in the same year. ... (Source: ) Other data revealed that nearly 7 million Canadians 18 years or older placed actual online orders, while in excess of 9 million Canadians logged on primarily to browse the products available. The most common online purchases included hotel reservations and car rentals, followed by books, magazines and various ... (view more)

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U.S. Soldiers in Fear of Domestic Invasion

U.S. soldiers must now be fearful of invasion, even when back in the comfort of their own homes. Unlike the fears of physical invasion experienced on the battlefield, soldiers must now be weary of an invasion of privacy coming from the very same ... military they represent during times of war. A Virginia-based military surveillance company, Army Web Risk Assessment Cell, is monitoring all soldier blogs and Internet posts to avoid the leaking of vital information that may jeopardize the security of the U.S. military. Among the most detrimental items being pursued are official military documents, ... (view more)

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Australian Software Company Mixes Reality and Virtual Reality for Healthy Results

An Australian-based software company has developed an innovative health program that aims at targeting employees with unhealthy habits. After seeing the stereotypes of computer programmers and software developers on a daily basis, Altiris has ... decided to motivate their employees with special incentives in an effort to help make better choices in the daily lives of their employees. (Source: ) The company hopes to encourage employees to avoid long hours in front of a computer, eating large amounts of junk food, and getting very little sleep at night. (Source: ) ... (view more)


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