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Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in the Middle East

Destructive viruses that no longer affect most of the world are still lingering in the Middle East, according to one of the world's leading antivirus vendor, Symantec. The ancient Nimda, Jeefo and Redlof viruses are still wreaking havoc in the ... region because the majority of computers there lack critical security and anti-virus patches. The Nimda virus, considered a worldwide threat in 2001, is the second most common virus in the Middle East despite no longer being listed in the top ten anywhere else. Richard Archdeacon, a director at Symantec, believes that these viruses "are not particularly ... (view more)

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Video Game Detox Center Opens for Addicts

Video game addiction is "very much like gambling" and its symptoms are "no less severe than that of a drug addict or alcoholic." It can even lead to death. Smith ... (view more)


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