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Facebook Joins Myspace on Google's Friend List

Facebook appears to have decided not to fight Google's plans to bring social networking sites together. Jim Breyer, an investor and board member at Facebook, reportedly says the company would be willing to join Google's OpenSocial platform. That's a ... scheme by which programmers can more easily create applications that run on many different social networking sites. For example, a user could make a single blog post that is instantly viewable by their friends on both MySpace and Bebo. One of the main reasons for Facebook's success to date is that users can create their own applications such as ... (view more)

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'Melissa' Exposes Self, Security Hole

Spammers have recruited an unusual new ally in their battle against security checks: 'Melissa' the virtual stripper. She features in the Captcha Trojan, named because of its attempts to get 'round the 'Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell ... Computers and Humans Apart' technology. This is the system where users have to type in the letters they see in an image, designed to stop computers automatically completing a forum. The spammers behind this case are trying to automatically sign up for multiple Yahoo mail accounts. The Captcha Trojan replaces Yahoo pages with what appears to be a ... (view more)


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