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'Yale Shmale': Northern Ontario University Rips Bush, Ivy League School

In the midst of my scouring the web for the day's most interesting tech headlines, I stumbled across something completely unrelated to Microsoft, Apple, or even Sony. Why'd I decide to click, and then comment on it? Call it national interest. As a ... recent MA History graduate who wrote his thesis on border economics and culture, it appeared particularly fascinating that Thunder Bay, Ontario's Lakehead University has recently attracted the ire of American yuppies with its public criticism of Yale University, whose amlumnae include the last three U.S. Presidents. So, what is Lakehead's ... (view more)

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ClintonGate: Hilary Clinton Planning a Video Game Tax?

While U.S. President George W. Bush wages war against the Middle East, New York Junior Senator Hilary Clinton has strapped on her own combat fatigues -- but she's aiming her missiles in a different direction: toward the video game industry. Last ... Year In 2005, Bill Clinton's wife grabbed headlines by launching an over-the-top tirade against video games. She dramatically proclaimed that games are "stealing the innocence of our children and ... making the difficult job of being a parent even harder." (Source: senate.gov ) Despite drowning in a sea of hyperbole, Hilary's 2005 proposal to penalize ... (view more)


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