8 Flavors of Vista? Nope, Only 6!

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Recall --

A few weeks back I wrote about 8 versions of the new Windows Vista (the successor to Windows XP).

It appears that this was misinformation.

The newsworthy story was leaked by an internal Microsoft site that was accessed by an outside reporter, who then dutifully told the rest of the world that there were 8 versions of Windows Vista.

After three weeks, that internal site became unavailable, and Microsoft officially declared there were in fact 6 versions of Vista. The below information was taken from a recent Microsoft document.

To clarify:

" Microsoft ... will offer Windows Vista Starter in emerging markets. Windows Vista Starter is designed to empower families and entry-level PC users in these markets to experience the world of social and educational benefits that personal computer technology and the Internet makes possible. A 32-bit operating system designed specifically for lower-cost computers, Windows Vista Starter enables popular beginner PC activities and provides an easy-to-use and more affordable entry point to the Windows Vista family of products. " (Source: Microsoft.com)

A brief synopsis of the differences between the 6 versions:

  • The consumer lineup starts with Windows Vista Home Basic. Think of this version of Vista as being about half a notch below Windows XP Home Edition. Vista Basic will lack integrated desktop search features and will support only the base level Vista graphics.
  • Windows Vista Home Premium is a big jump up from Vista Basic. In addition to the integrated desktop search functionality and support for Aero graphics, Vista Home Premium adds both Media Center and Tablet PC support. It also provides integrated DVD burning, Windows Media Player 11 recording and sharing, and high-def support in Windows Movie Maker.
  • Windows Vista Ultimate, which Microsoft describes as a consumer version (probably because businesses will be loath to pay for it), is the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink edition. It merges all the features and functionalities of the other Vista client versions.
  • Windows Vista Business offers full support for Vista's high-end Aero graphics, which includes more finely detailed graphical elements, as well as transparency, reflections, and better 3D rendering. The Business version will also have integrated desktop search features. And it will include Windows Vista Tablet PC functionalities for computers that support them.
  • The up-level business version, Windows Vista Enterprise, will be sold only via Microsoft's enterprise licensing program. It includes full hard-drive encryption, expanded application compatibility, and a Unix emulation module for running Unix applications.

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