Blair Witch Director Looks Online For Cast

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Have you always wanted to be a movie star without going through the hassles of taking acting classes, making a fool of yourself on some reality show, or lining up for endless auditions?

You may now have your chance -- thanks to Daniel Myrick, the director of The Blair Witch Project.

Myrick's next movie, The Objective, will be cast online through, a social site that enables its users to share their pictures and videos. The director checks Abazab every morning for new submissions. He says he'll make his final casting decisions in a few weeks.

"We have a casting director on board but I just thought that this would be an efficient way to reach out to the general public for submissions," Myrick stated. "It makes it easier for us to review and easier for the actors to submit. It allows us to review a lot more potential people for the role than would otherwise be possible." (Source:

Gearhead Pictures, the studio behind The Objective, wants to cast "raw, motivated talent that may not even consider themselves as 'actors' in the traditional sense" to create "a high level of dramatic realism" for the film. (Source:

"I think unrecognizable and no-name actors are what we're going for and I think this is the best way to go about finding them," Myrick confirmed.

"We want people that can act but the key for me is people who have really good improvisational skills," he continued. "When we were casting for Blair Witch, it was key to find people who could think quickly on their feet and be natural and fill the profile of our characters and also bring their own personality to the roles."

The Objective is about a team of soldiers on a classified mission in Afghanistan who find themselves "faced with an enemy no one could have ever imagined." It has been described as a supernatural thriller. (Sources: and

If you think you have what it takes, this is the criteria you need to meet, according to Gearbox:

"These individuals should be in excellent physical shape, (military experience a plus), be prepared to work hard and endure long hours while possessing adroit improvisational skills. This film is not for the weak of heart, nor the faint of spirit. Those individuals looking for their own talent trailer, personal make-up person or monogrammed director's chair need not apply. If you feel you have what it takes to be considered for a role in this project, then please proceed and good luck." (Source:

If you get cast, Myrick promises a "normal actors salary," but he did not go into specifics. The film will start shooting in early November, for three weeks, with a budget of just under 5 million. It is currently pegged for a Summer 2007 release. (Source:

For more information on how to send in an audition, there are step-by-step instructions available on the film's official website:

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