Brokeback Bully: Boys Kiss Each Other In New Video Game

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Rockstar Games has done it again! The company behind the controversial Grand Theft Auto titles has broken new ground with its latest PlayStation 2 release, "Bully."

In the game, you play a 15-year-old boy named Jimmy, who lives in a stuffy boarding school. Just for the record, your character is not a bully -- as the title of the game might mislead you into believing. Instead, you stand up to the big, bad troublemakers throughout the course of the game.

Indeed, getting into fights and dealing with cliques are synonymous with most school experiences -- and they're both represented in Bully. But in addition to those usual schoolboy hijinks, you can also try to score a few kisses -- by wooing your love interest with romantic items such as flower and candy.

However, in a revolutionary twist, your character's affections aren't just limited to the opposite sex. Jimmy can also try to capture the heart of a fellow male. In one scenario, you can approach a blonde boy with flowers. His reply to your proposal: "I'm hot. You're hot. Let's make out." (Source:

This makes Bully the first mainstream console game (to my knowledge) to feature homosexual relations between males.

Of course, not everyone is happy with the news.

Jack Thompson -- a Florida lawyer who recently tried to stop the release of the game with a lawsuit -- is at it again. He wrote a scathing email to Patricia Vance, the president of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

"Dear Ms. Vance," Thompson wrote, "We just found gay sexual content in Bully, as Jimmy Hopkins makes out with another male student. Good luck with your 'Teen' rating now, Patty."

Thompson claims he also sent the email to "every major news organization in America and the UK," along with lawmakers and game industry representatives. (Source:

But the gay audience is naturally rejoicing. "This is pretty much why I bought the game in the first place," user 'Madamluna' said with a huge grin. (Source:

They aren't the only ones buying the game, though. Bully was the third top-selling game for the week ending October 27th. (Source:

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