Internet Explorer download Window disappeared?

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When a download link is clicked using Internet Explorer, a Window normally pops up asking where to save the file.

Dee N. recently wrote me a very interesting question concerning the download-dialogue box:

" On the download Window, there is an option for 'Always ask before opening this type of file'. Well, I accidentally Unchecked this option for my .ZIP files -- thinking that I wouldn't be prompted this Window any more and it would save automatically to my computer -- but, now it opens every single .ZIP file I download!

Do you know how I can have Windows prompt me to save my files again? I looked in Tools -> Internet Options in Internet Explorer, but couldn't find anything. "

My Response:

I also looked for an option that might have something to do with the download dialogue box, but wasn't able to find anything, either. This problem is something I've always wanted to solve -- but never knew how. So, I'm going to ask Infopackets Readers if they know the answer. If you do, please email me and I'll include an update in the next issue:

Update 2003/03/25: This article has been updated. Click here to read!

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