Sell Your Chores for the Lowest Asking Price: Online Service Auctions Have Arrived!

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Are you always too busy to complete certain chores? Is there a particular task that you've been neglecting to do for quite awhile? What if you could sell off all of those pesky chores...for the lowest asking price?

Many service-based companies are now launching websites that hope to attract a wider and more diverse customer base. These websites allow users to simply describe the domestic duty that needs to be done and those who hope to provide the service leave their asking price attached to the description. (Source:

Think of it as the classified section of the local newspaper combined with Ebay. The user sells their chores and the highest bidder -- the one with the lowest asking price -- wins the rights to complete the job.

Analysts are predicting that these new service-based auction sites are one of the most profitable, undiscovered ventures currently available.

As expected, a number of major auction sites have taken notice to the recent success of these service-sites and are currently in the process of making significant changes that will appeal to this untapped market. (Source:

Ebay has been experimenting with this sector on its Australian site, designating a new "service" category for online shoppers to explore.

The online service auctions do differ slightly from the standard Ebay format in some cases. For instance, users have the power to deny the winning bidder the rights to the job, if they question their intentions or just have an overall bad feeling about the individual(s) that wish to tackle the job. (Source:

The online service market is not just filled with professional service staff and maintenance workers. Those who have used the service noticed an increasingly large number of teenagers looking to make a few extra bucks doing odd jobs within their community.

Teenagers are usually the highest bidders, because they are willing to accept less money to complete the same tasks that professional companies specialize in. Still, some people deny teens the rights to the domestic duties, because of the misconception that a professional service company will do a better job. (Source:

If recent success is any indication, expect these service sections to be a staple on many auction sites in the near future.

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