Disney and Microsoft Introduce the Tech-House of the Future

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Fifty years after being first unveiled, the Disneyland "House of the Future" is back with all-new innovations that could never have been imagined 50 years ago. The Disney "Dream Home" is the brainchild of The Walt Disney Co., Microsoft Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., LifeWare and Taylor Morrison. All five companies hope to make the house into an actual retailed product one day, with initial estimations starting at 15 million dollars. (Source: sfgate.com)

In 1957, just two years after opening their gates for the very first time, Disneyland introduced the world to the "House of the Future" exhibit. The house stood as an accurate representation of what futuristic dwellings would look like: all-plastic, pod-shaped and complete with an early microwave oven, wall-sized television set and an electric razor. 10 years later, the exhibit closed its doors forever when it was apparent that society failed to meet the expectations of the house.

The very new 5,000-square-foot household resembles any normal suburban home on the outside, but the inside features a myriad of hardware, software and touch-screen systems that could forever change the way we conduct our personal lifestyle.

Those who visit the 2008 exhibition will not have to walk through a guided tour of the home as in previous years, but rather sit back and experience a "family of four" preparing for a trip to China. The actors will busy themselves cooking, packing and preparing photograph equipment, all-the-while utilizing every resource the house has to offer.

Those who have seen initial designs for the home have called it a touch-screen paradise, noting an extensive array of touchpad features found on everyday appliances, furniture and countertops.

In the kitchen, a touch-sensitive countertop identifies grocery items and produces recipes and meal suggestions instantaneously. Using this same technology, mirrors and closets decipher between articles of clothing to suggest matching outfits, while keeping track of which clothes are in the closet and which clothes are in the wash. Disney refused to leak too many features just yet, as they wish to invite a large number of people to experience the home first-hand. (Source: azcentral.com)

While the 1950s house was designed with a space-age style in mind, the new house promises to be the most user-friendly and accessible dwelling (soon-to-be) on the market.

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