Google Chrome Browser Checks Spelling, Grammar

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Are you a bad speller? Could your grammar skills use some work? Then you might want to download the latest version of Google's popular Chrome Internet browser.

Google's latest version of Chrome includes an in-browser spell-checker that can recognize many different types of spelling and grammatical errors. According to reports, it can recognize grammar mistakes, distinguish between homonyms, and even make context-sensitive corrections.

Enable "Ask Google for Suggestions"

It's important to note that, in order for the spell checker to function, users of Chrome must enable the "ask Google for suggestions" feature in the browser settings menu.

This can be done by right-clicking text displayed in the browser and then selecting "spell-checker option" from the drop-down menu. (Source:

It's also worth noting that doing this gives Google permission to anonymously check misspelled words using Google Search. This could be a problem for some privacy-minded folks, but for most people it shouldn't present a concern.

Finally, Mac users are out of luck here. For the time being, the Chrome spell check update is only available to Windows, Linux, and Chrome operating system users.

Google has also noted that the update is being rolled out slowly over the coming weeks, meaning not all Windows, Linux, or Chrome users will have instant access to the spell check feature.

Chrome 26 Also Includes Security, Performance Enhancements

The spell checker is just one of a number of updates included in version 26 of Google's Chrome browser. Other improvements include the ability to create desktop shortcuts to individual profiles, making it easier to customize browser settings. (Source:

This should be a useful feature for households where many users depend on the same computer but have different browser preferences. (Unfortunately, Linux and Mac users again lose out -- this feature is available to Windows users exclusively, for the time being.)

Google says that version 26 of the Chrome browser will also address several recently-discovered security bugs. In addition, Google says it has made a number of adjustments designed to improve the browser's overall performance.

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