Too Many Files Listed in Display Properties Desktop

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Infopackets Reader Terry from writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am running XP Professional. I have a large amount of background images listed in my Display Properties -> Desktop tab. Do you know how I can shorten this list? Happy Holidays. You have great newsletter! "

My Response:

I searched for a utility that could modify / remove the list of entries found in Display Properties -> Desktop, but wasn't able to come up with anything.

However, I do happen to know that a Windows will list .BMP picture files in the Backgrounds menu if there are .BMP picture files found in the c:\windows directory. To shorten this list, you can go to to c:\windows and delete the .BMP files you don't want. Subsequently, the backgrounds list in Display Properties -> Desktop will shrink.

Terry emailed me back again:

" Thank you for your suggestion. In my case, I discovered I was right-clicking on pictures in Internet Explorer and choosing the "Send to -> Wallpaper" option. After prodding around, I realized that c:\windows\web\wallpaper folder held a large list of pictures which I previously made as my wallpaper. Removing some of these files shrunk the list in Display Properties -> Desktop, and now all is well. Thank you for your valuable time and help. "

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