Latest Editions of Windows 10 Break Chrome Browser

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Reports that Windows 10 stops Google's Chrome browser from running appear to be only partially correct. While the problem does exist, it only affects people running test editions of Windows 10 which are not available to everyone.

The problem affects the version of Chrome designed for 64-bit PCs. If the problem strikes, the browser simply fails to show any page and instead displays the familiar "Aw Snap!" error message. It appears to affect all editions of 64-bit Chrome, from the standard edition through the various test editions, such as developer and Canary. (Source:

Insider Preview Program Affected

Thankfully the problem isn't yet an issue for the standard version of Windows 10 that most people have downloaded. Instead it only affects those users who joined the Windows Insider program to test Windows 10 before it was released.

The Windows 10 Insider program is still in operation, meaning those users get to test out updates to Windows 10 before they are released to the general public. Members of the program can choose from several options for how quickly they get these updates: the earlier they get them, the less widely tested they are.

The Chrome problem appears to affect only those on the "fast ring" option, which downloads and installs the very latest test updates of Windows 10.

Memory Conflict The Likely Fault

The problem appears to be related to Chrome's use of sandboxing. That's a key security technique that involves putting each webpage into a walled off area within the computer's memory. The idea is that if any page turns out to house malicious software, it's unable to access and infect any of the computer's resources.

It seems that Microsoft has changed the way Windows handles memory in the latest test edition of Windows 10, using a technique designed to keep the computer running smoothly and quickly even when it has a lot to do. That seems to be conflicting with the sandboxing in Chrome to cause the crashes.

Some users report that disabling the sandboxing feature allows Chrome to run again. However, that's a temporary fix at best, as it drastically undermines the browser's security benefits. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Is it a concern that Windows 10 may be conflicting with a major rival firm's browser? Is it instead a sign that the testing program is working as intended by revealing such problems before the general public is affected? Should Microsoft work more closely with rivals such as Google to make sure their software works together smoothly?

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Dennis Faas's picture

Unfortunately this is all par for the course until all these preliminary bugs are dealt with and fixed. I've had countless problems with programs not working on Windows 10 - and they are all major. Problems with programs include: openVPN, Kodi, Xpadder, ATI radeon video drivers (black border), video signal loss after switching HDMI ports, and concurrent connections to my server - to name a few. Thankfully I've managed to make do with some workarounds, but it's definitely not convenient. I'm hopeful that the issues will get resolved with soon.

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Although I do not have nearly the amount of development programs Dennis has, I will say on the one test PC I upgraded to Win10 (from Win7) I got the same exact "ATI radeon video drivers (black border)" problem. My problem was exactly as Dennis described, and I spent a while trying my best to fix it (with no success). I thought it was me, glad to see it is not just me! I tried installing drivers (many times), and many reboots, and following search result tips, but in the end the 'black borders' would not go away (HD6450 PCIex16 card) so I gave up. I installed (from a backup). Bottom line "Catalyst" only brings up power and CPU settings and NO OPTIONS for video adjustment. I anded up going back to Win7 again, and might 'tinker' with Win10 later (I used a spare SSD for Win10).

I will say initially I was highly irrate with Win10 as nothing seemed to work and almost dumped it after an hour or so. The 'upgrade' process itself was a pain. It failed multiple times, and finally after I ran a checkdisk (on a brand new SSD) it fixed some OS things in Win7 and FINALLY the Win10 update happened.

Initially the PC was un-usable. Litterally on day one (and two) "Edge" would not work (it would open but do nothing if I tried to enter a web address) and the main menu would not work. If I did not have a plethora of other PCs I would have dumped it day one. when I switched back to it (after seeing what it was supposed to look like at a friends house) I then found "miraculously" the start menu and "Edge" were finally working (don't know if my PC, a very fast recent desktop) finally finished whatever might have been happening or if there were silent updates from MS (as there was no update history interface I noticed). Still I had the annoying black borders. I put Win7 back on and I will go back and 'tinker' with it (Win10) maybe in a little while, but Win7 works fine for now...

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Maybe just me but been getting that pop up message about Chrome refused to load. Failed to launch. Do You Want to Reload Yes No?

Happened a lot when tried to run a second instance of Chrome. Required closing of Chrome to get a fresh Chrome page. Today sort of solved it at last. No specific cure just lot of google search tries & redoing. Using MS Intellimouse software and at one point the assigned Favorites keys began to open using MS Edge pos browser that lets in all kinds of malware. Got that to stop fast.

Chrome, when running well, does have many of the best other party apps. Good thing MS still has IE 11 available for critical moments if Chrome resumes its behavior. Searches show this is a long standing issue for it.

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With all the people complaining about W10, at last we hear some good news -
W10 breaks (minimalistic)Chrome browser
PS I also hate the minimalistic Edge browser, as I cannot find out how to show menus.

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I upgraded my new dell inspiron 64 bit to win 10. Now chrome will not work. It will not load a page or even let me uninstall it. I have had no issues with any other programs at all.