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ABC Signs on with

ABC-Disney has entered into its second video distribution deal with a third-party website. The company is providing some of its most popular television shows on including Lost, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. The ... company will also provide short clips from ESPN such as SportsCenter Right Now and Mike and Mike in the Morning. (Source: ) Even though ABC is starting to sign on distribution partners, the network still plans to keep an iron grip on its most valuable content. ESPN clips will be embedded into Veoh's environment, but ABC network programming is ... (view more)

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Facebook Impacting 2008 Election Coverage?

Like a middle-aged guy shopping for the newest hip-hop CD, it seems ABC News is completely out of its element. In a recent announcement, it will join with Facebook in an attempt to lure the young social community into a Web 2.0 twist on the 2008 ... presidential election. The new application -- which will stand next to "Booze Mail", "LOLcats", and "Simpsons Quotes" on people's app lists -- will be called "U.S. Politics". Although the name sounds like a bad (or 'bird') first year university course, it will be constructed using ABC News editorial content. (Source: ) According to David ... (view more)

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Free Prime-Time Shows on

"Lost," "Desperate Housewives," and "Grey's Anatomy" fans rejoice: these are a few of the programs that ABC will soon be offering free of charge via their website. (Source: ) Disney-owned ABC ran a two month test run last spring to ... determine the viability of an Internet broadcast. Clearly, the results were positive. The company announced this past Thursday that beginning May 2007, select ABC shows will be available on the day after they air. Viewers will be able to pause and rewind the episodes. They cannot, however, fast forward through commercials, which Disney says will ... (view more)

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