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How to Fix: 'Operation Canceled Due to Restrictions' Error

Infopackets Reader Terry W. writes: " Dear Dennis, Whenever I click on a link via email, I get an error stating that 'This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.' I don't understand why I receive this error ... message, as my user account has administrator access and I am the only one that uses this computer. Any ideas why this is happening? " My response: Admittedly, I have never heard of this error message before. The next day Terry emailed me with a follow-up, stating that he found a solution and provided me with a link. The page he directed me to, however ... (view more)

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How to Fix: MSConfig Stopped Responding, Access Denied, Not Found

Infopackets Reader Craig D. writes: " Dear Dennis, In the past I've used the msconfig utility many times to clear items from the Windows Startup. However, recently I tried to run msconfig and Windows reports that msconfig has stopped responding and ... my PC freezes. This is very frustrating! Any ideas why my msconfig stopped working? " My response: This is a very common problem, though you didn't say which Windows operating system you're using. As such, I'll provide solutions for Window XP and onward because most likely other users are having the same problem. Here are ... (view more)

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Disable Access to CD ROM Drive via My Computer?

Infopackets Reader 'Rose' Writes: " Dear Dennis, My question for you today is: how can I make my CD ROM Drive available to users logging in with Administrator rights only? Here's the problem: my kid brother shares the family computer, which has ... Windows XP professional installed on it. He likes to play online games (which are installed via the CD ROM drive); unfortunately, the games he plays seem to crashed the system. As such, I've set up a separate user account with 'general' user access and have disabled the network card so that he cannot access the Internet when using the computer. Now, ... (view more)

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