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Shocking Facebook Survey Asks: Is Pedophilia OK?

Facebook has made a survey in which it asked if adult users should be allowed to ask children for 'explicit' pictures. The survey question appears to be a horrific mistake, albeit one that's hard to explain. The survey was seen by a journalist at ... the UK's Guardian newspaper, who posted screenshots of the questions. One of the questions read "There are a wide range of topics and behaviors that appear on Facebook. In thinking about an ideal world where you could set Facebook's policies, how would you handle the following: a private message in which an adult man asks a 14-year-old girl for ... (view more)

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'Vine' Video Service Threatened by Adult Content

Twitter has launched a video-sharing service similar to YouTube but designed for people with shorter attention spans. Unfortunately, questions over adult content could spell doom for the service. The service is called 'Vine' and is specifically ... designed for the Apple iPhone. It lets users upload and share a video clip of up to six seconds in length and then publish a link to the clip on Twitter. The idea of a short clip service isn't new: rival application 'Tout' does the same thing but offers users 15 second previews. In both cases, it appears the idea is to minimize the amount of storage ... (view more)

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Adult Content Coming to Xbox 360 Via Internet Explorer

As Microsoft prepares for the debut of Internet Explorer on the Xbox 360 video game console, it's also gearing up for the first time release of adult video content on the popular gaming device. An adult entertainment site is planning to take full ... advantage of the Xbox 360's upgrade to web browsing capabilities. According to the company's online blog, Xbox 360 gamers can "rejoice" because "you can now tap into and stream all of your favorite free [adult] videos right from your Xbox!" Gamers Targeted in Illicit Ads Additional messages from the site have been specifically crafted ... (view more)

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The Next Battleground Against Spam and Adult Content: Your Cellphone

Watch out. As industry marketers and publishers turn their attention to providing mobile content, spam and the web's unscrupulous are following suit. Ferris Research, based in San Francisco, estimates that 1.5 billion unsolicited text messages will ... be received by American consumers. That doesn't sound like much when you take into account that 48 billion text messages were sent in December of 2007 alone, but if you are a cell phone consumer that pays 20 cents a message, that can add up to big bucks! (Source: ) According to Juniper Research, $1.7 billion of "mobile adult content" ... (view more)

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