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Agent Ransack Review

Have you ever lost track of a file on your PC? I got sick of using Windows Search (and waiting forever for it to find anything) and started looking for an alternative. Unfortunately, most of the Search programs I came across either didn't do what I ... wanted them to, or had a lot of overhead. For example: overhead can result as some search tools index your entire hard drive (similar to a file system table). Among other reasons, indexing is performed so that searching is limited to 1 huge database file (rather than scouring through the entire hard drive, bouncing from file to file, as is the case ... (view more)

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Search for specific text (web links) in multiple documents?, Part 2

Recall -- Yesterday , Infopackets Reader Bill 'Mr Full Service' asked if there was a way to search for text inside of multiple documents (stored in multiple areas) on his computer: " I have a question for you about bookmark managers, or similar ... software. Do you know of any program that can search MS Word documents on your computer for web links (URLs) [or any text, for that matter]? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! " In my response , I suggested Bill use the built-in Search function in Windows XP, which has the capability to locate certain text in document files. I ... (view more)

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