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13 Year Government vs Microsoft Case Finally Ends

The Department of Justice has agreed to end its legal oversight of Microsoft. It follows a 10 year period during which the Redmond-based software company had to make itself open to examination by U.S. officials. Basis: Microsoft Unfairly Promotes ... Internet Explorer The Department of Justice has agreed to officially end the oversight on May 12, 2011. The case brings to a conclusion a process that began way back in 1998, when the department filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, accusing it of unfairly promoting its own Internet Explorer (IE) browser by including it in Windows at the expense of ... (view more)

Dennis Faas's picture -- Helping to send Spyware to loved ones

Did you mail all your Christmas cards out yet? I've got a small collection starting on top of the mantel, but I'm surprised that I haven't received any (tangible) Holiday cards yet from Infopackets Readers! Sending an e-greeting is nice to receive, ... but it's hard to differentiate the spam mails from the legit. Sometimes when I write a newsletter, I get up to 200 emails in a day! That can get kind of nutty after a while. And, that brings me to my next point. MBMaser emailed me the other day and told me about a web site called which is allegedly responsible for incorporating ... (view more)

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