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How to Fix: Windows 10 Webcam Not Working

How to Fix: Windows 10 Webcam Not Working Infopackets Reader Alan S. writes: " Dear Dennis, Paul Thurrott over at (previous author of WinSupersite) has suggested that the latest Windows 10 Anniversary update has broken 'millions' of ... webcams . I have read his article and tried the registry fix, all to no avail - my webcam simply will not work. I have also reviewed other websites for similar registry fixes, but nothing works. Do you have any suggestions? " My response: From what I read on the Paul Thurrott's website, the registry fix he describes is a workaround - though it's not ... (view more)

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Report: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Causes Lockups

Microsoft has confirmed some Windows 10 computers may freeze up after the latest update. It says starting in Safe mode is one way to get round the problem while a permanent fix is developed. The problem comes with the Windows 10 "Anniversary Update" ... (Build 14393.51), which is the recently-released biggest set of changes since Windows 10 was released. In previous editions of Windows, this significant update might be considered the equivalent of a Service Pack. According to Microsoft, the Anniversary Update problem only affects computers with a specific set-up, namely that the ... (view more)

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How to: Properly Prep, then Force Install Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Infopackets Reader Bryan B. writes: " Dear Dennis, I've read on a few websites that Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released on August 2nd (2016), yet when I check for Windows Updates on my machine, it says I'm up to date. I've also tried to ... upgrade to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update by downloading 'Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3176929)' from the Windows Update catalog site, but the Windows Update Standalone Installer simply tells me that 'This update is not applicable to your computer.' How can I get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to install ... (view more)

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