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Most Android Antivirus Useless: Report

A new report claims most Android "antivirus" apps don't provide enough protection to justify that term. It says two-thirds of the antivirus programs were so ineffective, they were practically useless. The report comes from AV-Comparatives, a website ... that tests antivirus and other security software. It says it was inspired to look at Android apps after spotting one that literally did nothing but show a fake progress bar before saying no malicious apps were present (without actually carrying out a scan). The test involved putting 250 different Android antivirus apps to work on Samsung Galaxy S9 ... (view more)

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Beware Fake Kaspersky Antivirus Apps

Kaspersky Lab, a Russia-based firm and one of the world's most renowned PC security companies, is warning all consumers to carefully research any antivirus application before downloading it to their computers or mobile devices. Kaspersky Lab says it ... recently discovered several fake antivirus apps on Google Play and the Windows Phone app stores . Experts Warn: Kaspersky Mobile Not Legitimate One of the fake apps is called Kaspersky Mobile, which claims to protect a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone and costs just $4 USD. The application uses Kaspersky's own logo and other branding ... (view more)

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