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Explained: How and Why Windows Goes Corrupt

I've been repairing computers now for over 23 years and for the last few years, I began offering my computer repair service online . One of the most popular repairs I do today is to fix Windows Update; sometimes, however, Windows Update is too far ... corrupt that it requires a complete reinstall of Windows in order to fix the issue. The same can be said in other situations where Windows is too far corrupt that it cannot be repaired even by someone with as much experience as I have . Based on this, users ask me "Why is my Windows corrupt?" and "How can this have happened?" I thought I'd write an ... (view more)

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Most Antivirus Not Secure, Exploitable: Report

For many users, installing antivirus software is one of the first things to do after purchasing a new computer. But one security researcher suggests that today's antivirus programs are anything but effective; in fact, he claims many antivirus ... programs are filled with security flaws. Fourteen Antivirus Products Vulnerable, Researcher Claims Joxean Koret is a researcher at COSEINC, a Singapore-based security firm. Over the past year, he's carefully analyzed a wide range of antivirus products in search of security vulnerabilities. Earlier this month Koret presented his findings at the ... (view more)

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Windows 8: Free Antivirus Software Included

Microsoft now says its Windows Defender program, which includes the free Security Essentials antivirus software, will ship as part of the standard Windows 8 package when the new operating system launches during the fall of 2012. However, the ... software giant cautions that the protection afforded by the Security Essentials antivirus software will be activated only in situations where no other antivirus software is installed on a PC. Windows 8, which reached its Release Preview stage just under two weeks ago, has long been anticipated to be delivered with the Windows Defender system included. ... (view more)

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Microsoft Offers Free Symantec Antivirus to Businesses

Microsoft's recent decision to offer its free Security Essentials software through Windows Update has caused a major uproar amongst antivirus developers . In what appears to be an effort to make at least one major security firm happy, Microsoft has ... partnered up with Symantec to offer that company's software at no charge, too. Retailer PC Mall is also a part of the deal, which involves offering small businesses the Symantec EndPoint Protection Small Edition software package when they buy a new copy of Microsoft's operating system (OS), Windows 7. The offer will be available until the last day ... (view more)

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Third Conficker Worm Wields: Most Resilient Yet

The frightening Conficker worm is just getting bigger and meaner all the time. W32.Downadup.C, a third variant of the Conficker/Downadup worm , is reportedly being pushed out to systems that are already infected. Analysis of the third variant of the ... worm by Symantec is still in the early stages, but their initial research found a couple of new attributes -- one of which includes targeting antivirus software and security tools with the intention of disabling them. (Source: ) New Variant Protects itself from AntiVirus Software The Conficker/Downadup authors moved from a 250-a-day ... (view more)

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Apple Antivirus Warning Pulled from Company Website

Not long after reports surfaced describing Apple's first-ever recommendation that owners of its computers use antivirus software, the company has pulled that very statement from its official web site. The admission that users should use an antivirus ... program when using a Macbook was especially surprising to Mac and even PC owners. For years, Apple has proudly flaunted the fact that few viral or spyware threats exist for the niche computer line. However, as early as Tuesday night Apple ripped that warning down, dismissing it as "old and inaccurate", according to one spokesperson for the company ... (view more)

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Shocking Statement: Windows Vista Doesn't Need Anti-Virus Software

It has been drummed into the minds of PC users for years that anti-virus software is an absolute must! That's why most new computers today come with a limited time subscription for free anti-virus protection. However, Microsoft co-president Jim ... Allchin boldly declared in a recent press conference that he's completely comfortable running Vista minus a program that shields his little boy's computer from viruses. "My son, seven years old, runs Windows Vista, and, honestly, he doesn't have an antivirus system on his machine," Allchin said. "His machine is locked down with parental controls, he ... (view more)

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