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GoodBuy AOL and GoodBuy Yahoo Users!, Part 2

With respect to the previous article, " GoodBuy AOL and GoodBuy Yahoo Users! ", Infopackets Reader 'BigTShane' from AOL writes: " [I can't believe that there will be] no more infopackets [email] newsletter because *you* are giving up without a ... fight. You are going to let AOL and YAHOO censor email? UNBELIEVABLE!! " My response: Whoa! Now wait a minute. I didn't say I was giving up! If you read the previous article closely enough, I provided two viable alternatives in order to continue to receive our newsletter if you're an AOL or Yahoo user. To recap, you can either: a) ... (view more)

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Goodbuy AOL, and Goodbuy Yahoo users!

If you haven't already heard the buzz, AOL and Yahoo have teamed up with Goodmail Systems, and will soon be charging a "voluntary" per-email fee to bulk-mailers in order to guarantee the delivery of emails to recipients. A story at ... summed it up nicely (posted February 9th, 2006): " ... Companies that have buttered their bread by sending free e-mail via AOL and Yahoo will soon have the option to pay to ensure their messages arrive at their target destinations. AOL in the coming months will begin charging a fraction of a penny or more per message in what they ... (view more)

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Message Tag: Status Review

Have you ever sent an email to someone and wondered if your message was opened by the recipient? Yesterday, Infopackets Reader Brian 'BigJohn2' asked if I knew of a program which could do just that. After some prodding and poking around Google, I ... came across a program called MsgTag [Message Tag]. In a nutshell, MsgTag works by injecting a traceable object into outgoing emails. When the message is opened by the recipient, MsgTag alerts the sender with an email receipt that the message has been read. As I discussed briefly in yesterday's article, there are 3 different flavors of Message Tag. I ... (view more)

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MailWasher Pro 3.20: now with AOL support

Email viruses and unsolicited messages are a huge pain in the neck. It's bad enough that I receive about 50~100 bogus messages a day, but it's even worse when an email worm hits the 'net. The last virus to hit my Inbox was the SoBig email worm back ... in late August of this year, and it caused major havoc: at one point, I had over 2,000 bogus emails waiting to be downloaded to my Inbox in less than 1.5 days. You may recall that on August 28, I wrote an article on coping with unsolicited messages and email viruses. SoBig Email Worm Virus, Part 2 At the end of this article, I mentioned that the ... (view more)


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