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Apple iPad Tops Tablet Customer Satisfaction Survey

A new study by J.D. Power finds that Apple iPad owners are very satisfied with their purchase. In fact, for the second year in a row iPad owners were more satisfied with their buy than purchasers of other tablet devices. J.D. Power's report, which ... is called the "2013 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study," asked just under 2,000 tablet users to score their devices. Apple iPad Performs Well in Every Category Tablet users rated their devices using five different categories, including: Performance Ease of operation Styling and design Features Cost The Apple iPad , which scored high in every one of ... (view more)

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Surface Pro Tougher to Repair Than iPad: Report

A new report finds that Microsoft's newly-released Surface Pro tablet computer is tougher to repair than an Apple iPad. The device, which officially launched on February 9, 2013, is reportedly built in a way that makes it very tough for an owner to ... perform their own hardware maintenance. The report comes to us from consumer technology hardware blog ifixit, which after performing a teardown of the Microsoft Surface Pro reports that "Microsoft has essentially glued down anything that could be glued, making it incredibly difficult for a user to repair on their own." Battery-Gluing Arouses Anger ... (view more)

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Thieves Burglarize Microsoft, Steal Only iPads

People looking for proof that Microsoft is having a hard time convincing consumers to choose its Surface tablet over the Apple iPad can point to the recent actions of a California cat burglar, who broke into a Microsoft Silicon Valley office and ... stole only Apple products. According to reports, the burglar entered Microsoft's Mountain View, California, research and development center sometime during the company's Christmas break (December 19 to December 26, 2012) and stole five Apple iPads worth a total of $3,000. Reports indicate the thief took two iPad 2s, two iPad 3s, and one iPad 4. The ... (view more)

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Dell Working On Windows 8 Business Tablet

Dell has joined Apple in announcing a brand new device for the growing tablet market. However, unlike Apple's iPad 3 , the new Dell slate will run Windows 8 and will be engineered primarily for business use. Not much is known about the upcoming ... "business friendly" Dell tablet, except that it will run Windows 8. In a recent interview with Bloomberg News, chief executive officer (CEO) Michael Dell said consumer demand for a Windows 8 tablet is growing, and his company plans to give them what they want. Dell Tablet Focused On Security, Microsoft Office Compatibility Michael Dell claims ... (view more)

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