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Archos Unveils Low-Cost iPad Alternatives

Do you find the Apple iPad just a little too expensive? With prices for the third-generation iPad starting around $500, there's still lots of room in the tablet market for budget-priced slate devices. Over the past year that gap has been partly ... filled with the release of Google's Nexus 7 device and Apple's own iPad Mini. But French consumer electronics company Archos believes there's still lots of room for low-cost slates. Archos Unveils "Platinum" Line of Tablet Devices That's why the company has unveiled three new devices which together comprise a new "Platinum" line of tablet ... (view more)

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Archos 9TabletPC: Boasts On-Screen Keyboard, Win7

High-end digital media device-maker Archos, which has made a name for itself in an iPod-dominated market by selling "entertainment products," is taking a big leap forward with tablet technology by introducing an 8.9 inch machine capable of running ... Microsoft's highly anticipated operating system (OS), Windows 7. The device, dubbed the "Archos 9PCtablet," will feature an on-screen keyboard and a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Z515 processor. The tiny tablet will also boast high definition video, stereo audio, and non-3G wireless. However, the feature getting most of the attention is its ... (view more)

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An Alternative to Apple

When consumers think of portable media devices made by a company whose name starts with 'A', "Archos" might not come to mind. Despite manufacturing some of the first MP3 players available to the public, their products continue to be overshadowed by ... the increasingly popular iPod. Archos is only now realizing that to stay afloat of the market they helped to pioneer, they must come up with products that can match any device produced by Apple. Archos may have found the answer to their prayers in the 605 WiFi media player. The Archos 605 WiFi is a medium capacity touch screen multimedia player ... (view more)

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