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Latest Defense in Homeland Security: Cell Phones?

The United States federal government is in the midst of unveiling their latest defense mechanism against chemical, biological and/or radiological attacks... the common cell phone. Officials at Homeland Security have revealed that these new cell ... phones are equipped with detectors that would direct emergency responders to locations where harmful toxins and other biological agents have been released. While yet to be tested, many experts believe that cell phones could change the way chemical, biological and radiation detection and response is handled. The U.S. government has invested billions of ... (view more)

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What is a Blended Threat?

" What the heck is a blended threat? " I'm glad you asked ;-) According to a blended threat is "a computer network attack that seeks to maximize the severity of damage and speed of contagion by combining methods, for example using ... characteristics of both viruses and worms, while also taking advantage of vulnerabilities in computers, networks, or other physical systems." (Source: ) Now that's a mouthful! In more simpler terms, a blended threat is an attack that combines two or more vulnerabilities or attack methods on a remote machine. Blended threats are ... (view more)


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