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Phishing Scammers Try New Twist

An estimated one million people around the world received a recent phishing email, though it only posed a risk for around an hour before Google stepped in to stop the scam in its tracks. Victims of the scam may have inadvertently given attackers ... control of their email accounts. The attack involved a bogus email claiming that a contact tried to share a document with the recipient using Google Docs. While only a small proportion of people use Google Docs, the attackers appear to have been playing the numbers game. Attackers Accessed Emails and Contacts Unlike most phishing scams, the attackers ... (view more)

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IRS Online Security Breach Affects 100k Taxpayers

The IRS has revealed that cyber attackers managed to trick its system in handing over more than 100,000 access codes for user accounts. Fortunately the breach was discovered before any sensitive data was compromised. The attack followed a data theft ... from a source outside of the IRS. The agency hasn't revealed what that was, but it appears to have involved a stolen list that included social security numbers. The attackers then set an automated program, or "bot" to work. Using stolen social security numbers (sourced from outside the IRS), the bot was used to generate E-file PINs ... (view more)

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What Privacy? Security Survey Pessimistic

Scary: A recent survey sponsored by Deloitte ... (view more)

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