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Automatic Creation of Hyperlinks in MS Excel -- How to Stop Them!

At times, it can be a real problem when an URL is entered into a cell and MS Excel automatically creates a clickable hyperlink. There may be times when you would like to disable that particular feature. Preventing the automatic creation of ... hyperlinks can be accomplished by three different methods. Follow the steps below to learn how:From version 2000 forward, the automatic creation of hyperlinks can be disabled by reconfiguring the AutoCorrect settings by following these steps: Click on Tools | AutoCorrect. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab. Under Replace As You Type, uncheck Internet And ... (view more)

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Understanding AutoCorrect, AutoText and AutoComplete: MS Word

It's very easy to confuse the three powerful "Autos" in Word. It is very helpful to be able to distinguish between these three distinct features. When you find yourself inserting the same text over and over again, you can create an AutoText entry. ... When you begin to type, Word suggests the completion. You can press Enter or F to accept the suggestion or just ignore it. Similar to AutoCorrect, where you can type an abbreviation which Word automatically expands, AutoText allows you to control whether the abbreviation expands. AutoText is one of Word's most powerful timesavers. AutoText entries ... (view more)

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Insert Symbols: MS Word

In your documents, sometimes you have to include symbols other than the standard letters, numbers and characters that appear on the keyboard. MS Word has many interesting symbols for you to use: everyday items such as the degree symbol (98.6°),  ...Greek letters (ΦΒΚ or ψ), letters needed in foreign words (such as résumé or Senõr), and even cute little pictures (such as  and §). You must use these symbols when they're needed in the text, but the pictures, sometimes called "dingbats," can be used for decoration. To begin, click to the insertion point where you ...view more)

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