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'NConvert 6.3', and 'BB FlashBack Express'

NConvert 6.3 NConvert is a handy batch utility designed to help you quickly and easily convert your favorite graphic files. It supports more than 400 different graphic formats. NConvert is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating ... systems. BB FlashBack Express BlueBerry's FlashBack Express allows you to record images and sounds on your computer and then share them with friends, family, and colleagues! It takes just one click to upload homemade movies to YouTube and other video-sharing services. This freeware software ... (view more)

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'Coolbarz', and 'Electric Sheep 2.7b34b'

Coolbarz Coolbarz provides you with a set of desktop toolbars on your computer for quick and easy access to the programs you most commonly use. With Coolbarz installed on your computer, every application you commonly rely on is just a single ... click away. Coolbarz was developed for Windows 7, but was also designed with previous versions of Windows in mind. It's currently in its beta stage, but works very well and is ready to use. Electric Sheep 2.7b34b Electric Sheep is a free piece of software that puts you in the middle of a collaborative abstract artwork ... (view more)

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'BB FlashBack Express', and 'Enchanted Keyfinder 0.1 Beta 4'

BB FlashBack Express BB FlashBack Express is a desktop screen recorder which features an easy to use interface. Also featured is a frame by frame movie player which allows you to view your video in detail. The BB FlashBack Express free ... screen recorder has one-click upload to YouTube,, Viddler and Revver. Enchanted Keyfinder 0.1 Beta 4 This utility retrieves the product key used to install Windows from your System Registry or from an unbootable Windows installation. It works on Windows 9X, ME, NT / 2K / XP, and Vista / Win7 and for other software ... (view more)

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'Solapplets', and 'Bb Flashback Express'

Solapplets SolApplets is a collection of Windows utility programs that run on the Windows Vista, XP or Windows Server. Utilities include: cert system store viewer, process watcher, service watcher, folder watcher, web server, win tree, compound file ... viewer, hex viewer, zip file viewer, and an IP adapter addresses watcher. Bb Flashback Express BB Flashback Express enables you to record the screen, sound, webcam and save the files as Flash or AVI. Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at Shell Extension City. Please ... (view more)

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