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'TweetDeck 2.5.3', and 'Valley Benchmark 1.0'

TweetDeck 2.5.3 TweetDeck allows Twitter users to carefully organize their Twitter data. It allows you to arrange your feeds with customizable columns, employ powerful filters, schedule tweets for your audience, and monitor and manage many different ... Twitter accounts. Valley Benchmark 1.0 Valley Benchmark is a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) stress-testing tool designed to help you figure out how efficiently your GPU is running. The best part: it uses a breath-taking visual of a mountain top scene to perform the test. This freeware software program is ... (view more)

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'Heaven Benchmark 2.1', and 'AML Free Disk Defrag 1.1.7'

Heaven Benchmark 2.1 Heaven Benchmark is a Microsoft DirectX 11 GPU (graphics processing unit) benchmark based on advanced Unigine Engine from Unigine Corp. In short, this program (at 231+ megabytes) can be used to benchmark your graphics card. When ... the benchmark is run, you'll be shown a 3D visual of enchanting magic of floating islands with a tiny village hidden in cloudy skies. Interactive mode provides an emerging experience of exploring the intricate world of steampunk. AML Free Disk Defrag 1.1.7 Disk Defrag speeds up your computer by optimizing the file system. It can ... (view more)

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