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Bing vs Google: Initial Thoughts, Brief Comparison

This is turning out to be a big summer for Microsoft: lately the company has been both driving up excitement for Windows 7 and wowing gamers at E3 in Los Angeles, and now the Redmond-based firm has released a legitimate competitor for Google. But is ... new search engine "Bing" any good? The first thing a visitor to will notice is the design. Even on a low-res netbook it's immediately clear that Microsoft wants to bring the allure of its 'Aero' Vista graphics to the search engine's main page. When I visited, Bing greeted me with a lush, blue mountain scene. Quite honestly, it is ... (view more)

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MS Bing 'Decision Engine' Official Launch Next Week

Microsoft has officially unveiled the replacement for its Live Search tool. However, the new instrument will be known as "Bing" rather than "Kumo," and is billed as a 'decision engine' rather than a search engine. The working name for the new ... service had been Kumo, but Microsoft eventually settled on Bing despite some problems trade marking the name. The firm appeared to be looking for an active name which could be used as both a verb and a noun, in the same way as 'to Google' has become another way of saying 'to search online'. As we've noted before, the main difference ... (view more)


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