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Bioshock Zaps Competition, Receives Record Award Nods

Call yourself a gamer? Then maybe you can answer this question: what game warranted the most critical acclaim last year? Was it PC's Crysis? The Xbox 360's Halo 3? The Wii's Mario Galaxy? Or multi-platform smash Rock Band? Although all of the above ... are certainly worth checking out, during the recent Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' (AIAS) announcement of nominees for Interactive Achievement Awards (IAA), Xbox 360 and PC hit Bioshock swept up. Released in August of 2007, Bioshock mixes art deco design and a 1950s sci-fi flair to create a rather unique shooter experience. The ... (view more)

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Don't Be 'Shocked' By This Halo Competitor

Friday, fellow Infopackets writer Marissa Reaume reported on Halo 3's more-than-impressive 1 million pre-order plateau. That's never been seen in the video game world before, even with massive hits like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Metal Gear ... Solid (pick one), or, heck, Halo 2. But, there's one game you shouldn't write off before Halo 3's massive launch in a month or so: Bioshock. Released in demo-form on Xbox Live last week, it's a tough challenge for Bungie's Halo 3. Both are first person shooters (meaning the player sees nothing but his hands and/or weapon), and both thrust the gamer ... (view more)

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