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Angry Birds App Behind New Theme Parks

Angry Birds, the free, downloadable video game that has become so popular it has been downloaded an estimated 10 million times, will soon become the premise for a chain of 'real life' theme parks to be built around the world by the game-maker. Until ... now, the game has been available only in the 'virutal world,' such as for Apple's iPhone, the iPad, Android devices, and various other game-playing platforms. (Source: ) The game itself is simple: players launch birds at pigs on a stage, with the goal being to eliminate all of the pigs. According to reports, Angry Birds maker Rovio has ... (view more)

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'Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7', and 'SMPlayer 0.6.9'

Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7 Are you having lots of fun with 2011's most addictive mobile video game, Angry Birds? Then try this brand new, free Angry Birds theme for Windows 7. Like other themes for the operating system, this one can be used ... only in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions. SMPlayer 0.6.9 SMPlayer is a complete, light-weight media player providing both basic features, like video playback, and more advanced features, like configurable subtitles. One of the most interesting reasons to install SMPlayer: it remembers the ... (view more)

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Blame Canada! Labrador Geese Guilty of US Air Crash

In a strange turn of events, Canadian geese have been pinpointed as the cause of US Airways' Flight 1549 crash into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. According to reports, a flock of birds collided with the airbus shortly after take off. An ... investigation into the crash has been underway for months. Leading the charge are researchers from the Smithsonian Institution, who sent samples of bird feathers found on the plane to the Feather Identification Laboratory at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. (Source: ) Planes Present Real Threat to Bird Populations ... (view more)

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