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Wal-Mart, Target Black Friday Tech Deals Revealed

It's that time of year again: when millions of Americans will descend upon 'big box' stores and shopping malls to get their bargain 'fix' on Thanksgivings' so-called 'Black Friday' super-sales day. If you're looking for the latest technology ... hardware, you might want to check out Wal-Mart, where tablet PCs, flat-screen TVs, Blu-ray players, and video games are all on sale at reduced prices. Arguably, the biggest bargain involves Apple's 16GB iPad 2, which is available for $399 and comes with a $75 gift card. The iPad 2 typically retails for about $400, so you're essentially getting the gift ... (view more)

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Blu-ray Players Surge in Popularity in 2009

The popularity of Blu-ray players appears to be rising, just a year after doubters predicted that the devices -- which launched three years ago for $800-$1,000 each -- would fade into oblivion because of their marginal improvement over standard DVD ... players. Much of that negative thinking has changed, and as you might expect, it has a lot to do with the plummeting cost of buying a Blu-ray player. Blu-ray Price Drop One of Many in Tech Market When the devices first launched three years ago, many cost nearly $1,000 -- a lot of money for most U.S. families, even in a pre-recession North America. ... (view more)

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Blu-ray Price Cuts Open Up PlayStation Speculation

The Sony PlayStation 3, thus far, has been a failure. Outsold five to one in Japan by the Nintendo Wii and trailing the Xbox 360 in North America, the big black console has largely lost the gaming throne it inherited from its ancestor, the ... PlayStation 2. Much of the PS3's current condition is a result of Sony's high price point, with consumers forced to bone up $599 for the feature-laden system. Hopes, however, are now rising, ever so faintly. That's because Sony has recently dropped the price of its Blu-ray player, and it could mean similar reductions to the PlayStation 3. (Source: dailytech ... (view more)

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Sony Strikes Back in DVD War with Cheaper Blu-Ray Player

Right now, the cheapest way to watch Blu-Ray movies is with the $500 20 GB model of the PlayStation 3 (the 60 GB model is a hundred dollars more). Standalone players currently cost twice that much. However, PS3s have been hard to find. Plus, older ... consumers who aren't as tech-savvy may not understand exactly how the PS3 works -- or they may be gun-shy about purchasing a video game unit just to play movies. Whatever the case may be, Sony plans to rectify those problems by releasing a cheaper standalone Blu-Ray player this summer. At $599, the new "BDP-S300" Blu-Ray model won't be cheaper than ... (view more)

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