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GameStop Pays Out Over Hidden Fees Confusion

The world's biggest video game retailer has been forced by courts to compensate customers who bought used games and weren't informed they'd have to pay extra for "free" downloadable content. The retailer, GameStop, will also have to post clear signs ... in its stores to explain when used games will require gamers to pay additional fees. The court case covers the situation where additional content can and often must be downloaded once a player has installed a game on his or her console. Examples of such additional content can include new and different missions in an action game or updated rosters ... (view more)

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Jobs Dismisses iTunes Subscriptions

Steve Jobs has not changed his mind about the way music should be sold. Last week, Jobs reinforced his view that subscriptions and iTunes do not mix. "Never say never, but customers don't seem to be interested in it," Jobs said of subscription ... services. "The subscription model has failed so far." (Source: ) Jobs' stance on the issue is far from new. In 2003, Jobs explained to Rolling Stone how the natural evolution of music doesn't support subscription services: "People don't want to buy their music as a subscription. They bought 45s; then they bought LPs; then they bought ... (view more)

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