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New Toshiba LED HDTVs Ultra Power Efficient

These days many people have flat-screen HDTVs (high definition televisions), whether it's in the plasma, LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light-emitting diode) format . But most of those fancy televisions are big power wasters, which is why the ... next wave in television innovation may involve energy-efficient TVs like Toshiba's new Regza 32BE3. Toshiba is hoping to set its new Regza TV apart by making it more efficient both when it is in stand-by mode (not on or off, but ready to jump into action) and when it's actually displaying a picture. Regza 32BE3 Uses No Power in Standby Mode You ... (view more)

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Change Image Control Settings: MS PowerPoint

After you insert a picture and have selected it, you can change it from colored to black and white, adjust the contract or alter the brightness of the image. You can use the toolbar or access the dialog box for more control. To use the mouse, follow ... these steps: To change a picture in one of the following ways, click the Image Control button and select one of the options: Automatic - Restores the picture's original colors. Grayscale - Shades of gray. Black and white - Changes your image to pure black and white. Watermark - Converts the picture to preset levels of brightness and color contrast ... (view more)

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Change Image Control Settings: MS Word

When you have a picture selected, you can use buttons on the Picture toolbar to change it from color to black and white and adjust the contrast and brightness. Click the Image Control button and choose Grayscale, Black ... (view more)

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