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Over 1 Million Fingerprints Exposed Online

More than one million fingerprints were exposed online for at least a week, according to security researchers. The company responsible for the data says it will take immediate action if there's a security threat. The data is held by Suprema, which ... operates a biometric lock system called Biostar 2. It lets building owners restrict access by fingerprint or facial recognition, rather than relying on measures such as physical keys or pass codes. The Guardian newspaper reports that Biostar 2 is used in a wider system that has 5,700 customers accessing 1.5 million locations across 83 countries. ... (view more)

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New, More Reliable GPS Hardware Coming Soon

The US Air Force (USAF) has signed a deal to develop a new platform that could solve the problem of unreliable global positioning system (GPS) tracking in densely populated urban areas. It could also help drivers, but through cars rather than mobile ... devices. While a sophisticated technology, the principle of how GPS works is remarkably simple. A fleet of satellites orbit the Earth at a consistent speed, meaning their precise location at any particular moment is known. Each satellite is constantly beaming signals to the ground, with each signal bearing a timestamp. As soon as a device on the ... (view more)

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Virtual City

Description Create a residential paradise or an industrial center in this fun and exciting simulation game! Construct gorgeous houses and industrial buildings as you produce goods and deliver them to the shopping malls. Make the city a cleaner place ... by recycling garbage, adding hospitals and fire stations, and upgrading building. Deal with economic downturn and natural disasters. Build the city of your dreams today! Key Features 50 Challenging Levels In 5 Settings! More Than 50 Types Of Buildings! Earn 16 Special Achievements! Unlock Upgrades And New Buildings! Requirements OS: Windows 98/Me ... (view more)

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