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'BulkFileChanger 1.25', and 'Free HDD LED 1.75'

BulkFileChanger 1.25 This small and easy-to-use utility gives users the power to quickly and efficiently modify a large number of files. You can change their file attribute, run an executable, and copy, cut, and paste into Windows Explorer. This ... program is compatible with Windows 2000 through Windows 8. http://www.nirsoft.net Free HDD LED 1.75 Keep track of your physical hard disk drives with Free HDD LED. This great new program shows you your computer's hard disk drive activity in real time through the systray area. It also features a free disk space monitor that tracks any hard disks ... (view more)

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'GTweak 1.56', and 'BulkFileChanger 1.20'

GTweak 1.56 GTweak is a command-line script that can be used for tweaking Windows operating systems. It has two modes of operation: Wizard Mode (for average-skill users) and normal, prompt mode (also called advanced mode). Almost all tweaks are ... reversible. http://gtweak.prv.pl BulkFileChanger 1.20 BulkFileChanger is a small utility for Windows that allows you to create a list of files residing in multiple folders. You can then modify each file's created / modified / accessed time, change their file attributes, run an executable (with these files as a parameter), or copy / cut paste into ... (view more)

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