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T-Mobile Tackles Spam And Scam Calls

T-Mobile says it will give customers free scam-blocking tools to protect against misleading and fraudulent calls. The measures will also cover Metro and Sprint users. The program, dubbed Scam Shield, involves a range of tactics to combat bogus ... calls. The logic is to increase the chances of success against any particular attack. (Source: ) Two of the features come via a dedicated smartphone app that analyzes incoming calls. The first, Scam ID, tries to identify calls that may be using a bogus identity or making unwanted marketing calls. Spam Calls Auto-Blocked Users can choose ... (view more)

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Phone Scam Resembles CryptoLocker Ransomware

The new 'CryptoLocker' ransomware scam has been causing havoc online for the past few weeks. But you should also be aware of a similar scam being carried out over the phone instead of through emails. Here's how the scam works: first, targets get an ... unexpected call from an unknown caller located within their area code. If the call is answered, the caller tells the target that they're from a reputable tech firm, such as Microsoft or Dell or even a security company like McAfee or Sophos. Usually the caller claims to be "working with" (rather than for) the named firm, often in the tech support ... (view more)

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