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Windows 7 Upgrade: Top 10 FAQs from Readers

The last weekend before Christmas is vastly approaching, and so too is our super-saver deal on Acronis True Image 2010 at 25% off the retail price. I've received many (many!) questions regarding Upgrading to Windows 7 / using True Image 2010 over ... the past week. I have therefore compiled a Top 10 FAQ frequently asked questions and answers, which I hope will clear up some confusion. That said, I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased True Image 2010. Each purchase goes directly to support our website and staff of writers... and without your support, our website simply would not exist. ... (view more)

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Microsoft's 'Smart' Shopping Could Change Retail Forever

Microsoft is currently experimenting with one of their first "technovations" of 2008 which, if successful, could forever change the way we go about our grocery shopping. The new device is a technologically advanced console that assists customers in ... finding various items on their shopping list. The consumer can also use their cart-mounted device to scan the products as they lift them off the shelves and place them into the cart. With the push of a button, the consumer can also pay for their groceries directly on the cart itself. (Source: ) These new "smart" carts have been one of ... (view more)

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