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How to Fix: Windows 10 KB3135173 Won't Install (10586.104)

Infopackets Reader Sammy T. writes: " Dear Dennis, I own two systems running Windows 10; my laptop just updated yesterday and I confirmed that it's running the latest version of Windows 10 (10586.104). However, my desktop PC is still running an ... earlier version (10586.63) and hasn't been updated in over a month. When do a manual check for Windows Updates on the PC, it says 'checking for updates ...' and continues to do so for a very long time, until I receive the windows update error 0x800705b4. Any idea how I can get my desktop PC updated to Windows 10 version 10586.104? " My response: I also ... (view more)

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Book Collector Review

Synopsis: Are you a bookworm? Do you own so many books that it's next to impossible to locate a favorite novel? Tired of all the clutter and wish you had an organized method to categorize your books? Introducing: Book Collector -- a library program ... that helps you catalog your book collection into a meaningful list of organized data! With Book Collector, you can: catalog books without typing, instantly sort your lists, view book cover thumbnails, search your book library, print book lists, export book lists to HTML (for the web), and track your book loans. Book Collector: Screenshots Click to ... (view more)

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