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Apple Beware: RealNetworks, MTV and Verizon Wireless Create 'Rhapsody America'

In an effort to lure thousands of music fans away from Apple, RealNetworks has teamed with MTV Networks and Verizon Wireless to offer a digital music joint venture expected to rival iTunes, the iPod and even the new iPhone. The three companies plan ... to implement their technological takeover by making the MTV "Urge" music downloading service compatible with RealNetworks Rhapsody streaming software programs. While the merger will be made available to all U.S. customers via their PC music players, Verizon Wireless' VCast multimedia service will also be equipped with the new music system on their ... (view more)

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Latest Defense in Homeland Security: Cell Phones?

The United States federal government is in the midst of unveiling their latest defense mechanism against chemical, biological and/or radiological attacks... the common cell phone. Officials at Homeland Security have revealed that these new cell ... phones are equipped with detectors that would direct emergency responders to locations where harmful toxins and other biological agents have been released. While yet to be tested, many experts believe that cell phones could change the way chemical, biological and radiation detection and response is handled. The U.S. government has invested billions of ... (view more)

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MSN to Feature Clickable Ads on Mobile Searches

Microsoft recently announced its plan to include advertisements via MSN's Windows Live Search for Mobile service. The interactive advertisements will appear after a relevant search; when the ad is clicked, the phone will place a call to the ... requested destination. Users will not be charged to run a search, but advertisers will be charged on a pay-per-call basis. (Source: redherring.com ) To provide this service, the Microsoft is partnering with San Francisco-based company Ingenio. In 2004, Ingenio launched the industry's leading pay-per-call advertising network. In a nutshell, the network ... (view more)

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The Wal-Mart Cell Phone Terrorism Fiasco

According to Police Chief Benson Page of Caro, Michigan, cell phones can be used as detonators. Who would've thought? So, naturally, when three men were found with almost a thousand cell phones on hand, they became instant terror suspects. 80 of ... those phones were pre-paid TracFone models from Wal-Mart. That amount constitutes a violation of the store's policy because customers are limited to only three cell phones per purchase. A Wal-Mart clerk sold them the phones -- despite the policy -- but became suspicious and called the police. Apparently, it's common knowledge that cell phones make for ... (view more)

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