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YouTube's Under-13 Policy In Question

Consumer groups say YouTube is breaking the law by collecting data about pre-teens without parental permission. They've asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate. The alleged breach is of the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act ... (COPPA), a federal law that significantly restricts the way sites can handle data about users aged under 13. That's why many major websites that have user accounts officially ban pre-teens from signing up with their services. That's not quite the case with YouTube. Users do have to be 13 or older to get a Google account, which is necessary for some ... (view more)

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Google's YouTube: Pay $5 to Access Premium Content

Google's YouTube video website is reportedly preparing to unveil a subscription-based service that will offer subscribers special access to some of its content. According to reports, the cost of such subscriptions will range from $1 to $5 per month. ... What will users get for those subscriptions? Reuters indicates that YouTube will offer paying subscribers access to special channels. The site is reportedly in talks with several video producers to provide content for these new channels. (Source: ) Is YouTube the Next Netflix? This is all part of an ongoing campaign by Google to ... (view more)

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Microsoft to Challenge Cable TV with MS TV Service

Microsoft is reportedly planning to become a "virtual cable TV operator" through a broadband service. It's seen by many as an attempt to challenge Google TV. The plan, which wouldn't take effect for at least a year, would be to team up with cable TV ... networks towards offering channels directly to users via the Xbox 360 games console, with the content delivered through a broadband connection. The service would work along the same lines as traditional cable TV, with a basic tier-based package and then a premium fee for some individual channels. There will also be interactive, options such as the ... (view more)

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The Future Could be Friendly for TV Viewers

Small Silicone Valley start-up company "Sezmi" plans to give couch potatoes yet another option to watch their favorite shows. The company hopes to form a growing partnership between many local phone companies and television stations across the ... United States with this ultimate plan: go behind the backs of the leading cable and satellite systems to offer the most efficient television experience for consumers. (Source: ) The evolution of the television as an entertainment medium can perhaps best be described as a blessing and a curse. While viewers now have literally thousands of ... (view more)

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What is RSS and how will it affect infopackets?

Infopackets Reader James S. writes: " Dear Dennis, For the last two email editions of your newsletter, I have noticed a 'special announcement' near the top of the page, concerning 'RSS implementation' to your web site. At the bottom of the ... announcement, you have linked to a review of FeedDemon to better explain the RSS technololgy. I'm a bit stumped, however; the more I read about RSS, the more I don't understand it! There almost seems to be too many explanations. In fact, RSS sounds so complicated that I sincerely feel like throwing away my computer and going back to 'the good old days ... (view more)

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CTube! Internet Television Review

Climbing prices for television subscription services have consumers everywhere looking for alternative ways to get their broadcast fix. CTube! delivers over 1300+ Internet television stations and Web cams, with no subscription fees and no additional ... hardware requirements. What is CTube? CTube! is an onscreen guide and interface for Internet TV. The application works with Windows Media Player and RealPlayer to broadcast content on your PC. CTube! Features No subscription fees. CTube! includes hundreds of channels without charging an ongoing fee. No additional hardware requirements. Your ... (view more)

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